Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the growing list of questions we commonly get from customers. If yours isn’t covered below, please contact us at your convenience.

General Topics

Q: What colors are available?

A: Our powder coating colors page lists several websites for vendor’s whose powders we typically use. By viewing their selections you can get a good idea of color selections available. If you’d like to purchase your own powder from one of them, please give us a call so that we can help you estimate how much you will need.

Q: Which is more durable, paint or powder coating?

A: Powder coating wins every time, being as much as ten-times more durable than ordinary paint. Powder coating provides a very durable baked-on finish that remains smooth, easy to clean, and it contains none of the solvents or toxic byproducts of traditional liquid paints. The final product is highly resistant to most chemicals, brake fluid, acids, and salt.

Q: My metal item needs repair before it can be powder coated. Can you help?

A: In many cases, we are able to perform repairs and metal fabrication to serve our customers. NPC is backed by over thirty years of manufacturing and production experience. Our team is versatile, experienced and knowledgeable in virtually every aspect of metal fabrication. Please contact us with specific questions and for additional information about our capabilities.

Automotive Topics

Q: How much does it cost to powder coat a set of rims?

A: Like any restoration service, pricing will vary based upon the current condition and complexity of the rims we are refinishing. Cost is also affected by the use of custom colors, multiple coats and special top-coats if you choose to have these special features. However, in general, you can expect to pay around $100 per rim and upwards based upon the above factors.

Q: Is the work performed right on my vehicle with the parts/rims intact?

A: No. Any part that is to be powder coated has to be fully removed from your vehicle for proper cleaning and surface preparation to be completed so that a durable final result can be achieved. Powder coating also requires that theses parts be placed inside our room-sized curing oven to cure the powder coating at high heat. Only the vehicle’s metal parts will withstand this important part of the process.

Q: Do I leave my whole vehicle with you?

A: No. We only require those parts which we are refinishing and do not provide any service to disassemble and reassemble them from/onto your vehicle. This is particularly relevant to rim refinishing (read more below). We are also unable to store the rest of your vehicle while we are powder coating certain parts.

Q: Do you remove my tires from my car, or the tires from my rims?

A: No, with apologies for your inconvenience. We are not equipped to jack up your car or remove your tires from your rims. If we are going to powder coat your wheel rims, please bring us only the rims, with all tires and balancing weights already removed. Upon completion, you will have to have your mechanic re-mount your tires and re-balance everything.

Q: How long does it typically take to get my rims back?

A: In order for a set of rims to go from surface preparation and then to the actual powder coating process, our turn around for a set of rims is usually 7 to 10 business days. Please have us provide a more accurate forecast based upon our workload at the time you drop yours off.

Furniture and Fixtures Topics

Q: Can the old steam radiators be powder coated?

A: Yes, they certainly can. In fact, powder coating can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees F! We’ll make sure the right coatings are used to make your radiators look spectacular for years to come. We can even strip the old finishes off for you.  See our Gallery Page for examples of radiators we’ve done.